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Intelligent Transport Systems

Welcome to the SCL Intelligent Transport Systems 
Research Interest Group Page!


This is one of the research interest groups in SCL which is working on different approaches and trends in transport and traffic research and technology, aiming to solve escalating problems of congestions, pollution, transport efficiency, safety and security of passengers and goods.

Research Projects

Currently, there are four active research projects by the group, all of which are in collaboration with
 the National Center for Transportation Studies, College of Engineering, UPD:

1. Cyber-Physical Transportation Systems
Harvey Ian Arbas, Anjilo Carigma, John Justine Villar, PhD and Adrian Roy Valdez, PhD
This project tries to design an intelligent land vehicle control system with advanced computing and sensing capabilities to improve safety and throughput to meet increasing transportation demands. The SCL team is working under the Software Development and R&D components of the project, where they calibrate models of macroscopic traffic demand and traffic intersection optimization.

2. LocalSIM 
Harvey Ian Arbas, Anjilo Carigma, Patrick Rollan and Adrian Roy Valdez, PhD
This DOST-funded project aim to create traffic simulator with the Filipino behavior factored in, as well as to model Filipino driver's behavior.

3. Traffic Simulation based on Filipino Driving Behavior 
Elemar Teje and Adrian Roy ValdezPhD
This study aims to incorporate Filipino traffic behavior to understand traffic dynamics in the Philippines.


Graduate Students
Harvey Ian Arbas
Anjilo Carigma
Patrick Rollan

Undergraduate Students
Francis Zac Dela Cruz
Luis Miguel Flores