Welcome to SCL!

The Scientific Computing Laboratory (SCL) 
is one of the research laboratories under

Department of Computer Science 
University of the Philippines Diliman

interested in the construction of 
mathematical models and numerical techniques 
for optimization, configuration and design of complex systems 
to better understand scientific, social scientific and engineering problems.


New Members
5 August 2019

SCL welcomes the new members for AY 2019-2020:


  • Jonathan Jandel Cancio
  • Martina Sophia Casiano
  • Alyanna Gacutan
  • Justin James Gonzales
  • Joseph Daniel Hernandez
  • Jeanne Nicole Magpantay
  • Allan Matthew Mariano
  • John Ryan Ramos
  • Marc Angelo Rosel
  • Patrick Joseph Sanchez
  • Juan Gabriel Tamayo
  • Allure Migy Daidelle Tanquintic

6 SCL Members Finished their Degrees
1 July 2019

(L-R: Dela Cruz, Flores, SCL Faculty Member Dr. Villar, Morado, Balingit
not in the picture: Borja, Rollan)

5 BS and 1 MS student recently obtained their degrees in the 108th Commencement Exercises. The following graduates are:

  • Ivan Carlo Balingit, cum laude
  • Kim Borja
  • Francis Zac Dela Cruz, summa cum laude
  • Luis Flores, cum laude
  • Sebastian Morado, cum laude
  • Patrick Rollan

Two Papers Received International Publication Award from UP OVPAA
1 February 2019

The following papers received the 2019 International Publication Award from UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Foo L, Surányi A, Guljas A, Szőri M, Villar JJ, Viskolcz B, Csizmadia IG, Rágyanszki A, Fiser B. Formation of Acetamide in Interstellar MediumMolecular Astrophysics 13, 2018. 1-5. 

Villar JJ, Negm L, Rágyanszki A, 
Setiadi D, 
Valdez AR,
Viskolcz B and
 Csizmadia IG. 
A Prelude to Building Mathematical Models for Polypeptide Folding: Analysis on the Conformational Potential Energy Hypersurface Cross-Sections of N-Acetyl-Glycyl-Glycine-N'-Methylamide. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 96(10), 2018. 912-921. 



Catalina A. Montes, Adrian Roy L. Valdez
International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy 9(1), 2020. 212-217. DOI:  10.12720/sgce.9.1.212-217

John Justine Villar, Patrick Vincent Lubenia, Eduardo Mendoza, Carlene P. C. Pilar-Arceo
Philippine Journal of Science 148(3), 2019. 523-533.

A three-choice minority game model with homogeneous agent preferences for resource allocation
Catalina A. Montes, Adrian Roy L. Valdez
Procedia Computer Science 140, 2018. 56-63. DOI:  10.1016/j.procs.2018.10.292

Formation of Acetamide in Interstellar Medium
Lois Foo, Attila Surányi, Andrea Guljas, Milán Szőri, John Justine Villar, Béla Viskolcz, Imre G.Csizmadia, Anita Rágyanszki, Béla Fiser
Molecular Astrophysics 13, 2018. 1-5.  DOI: 10.1016/j.molap.2018.06.002

A Prelude to Building Mathematical Models for Polypeptide Folding: Analysis on the Conformational Potential Energy Hypersurface Cross-Sections of N-Acetyl-Glycyl-Glycine-N'-Methylamide
John Justine Villar, Logine Negm, Anita Rágyanszki, 
David Setiadi, 
Adrian Roy Valdez,
 Viskolcz and 
Imre G. Csizmadia
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 96(10), 2018. 912-921. DOI: 10.1139/cjc-2018-0017 

An Improved Two-Rotor Function for Conformational Potential Energy Surfaces of 20 Amino Acid Diamides
John Justine Villar, 
Adrian Roy Valdez,
 David Setiadi, 
Imre G. Csizmadia
Anita Rágyanszki
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 96(1), 2018. 58-71. DOI: 10.1139/cjc-2017-0571