Upcoming Projects

We have exciting and important projects being lined up for the upcoming academic year!

The research areas based on the research agenda of the laboratory (but not limited to) are the following:

Bioinformatics (in collaboration with the Philippine Genome Center - Core Facility for Bioinformatics and Genetics Academic Group, Institute of Biology, CS, UPD)

    • Protein Folding Dynamics
    • Protein-Protein Interaction Network Mining
    • DNA Barcoding

Computational Finance

    • Copula Models for Financial Contagion
    • Energy Derivatives for Electricity Spot Markets

Health and Environmental Data Analytics

    • Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Analysis
    • Blockchain Solutions for Health and Environmental Data
    • Environment and Energy Engineering (in collaboration with the Environmental and Energy Engineering Programs, COE, UPD)
    • Light-Driven Hydrogen Production Modeling
    • Optimal Economic Policy for Natural Resource Exploitation
    • Modeling Airflow for Green Buildings

Intelligent Transport Systems (in collaboration with the National Center of Transportation Studies, COE, UPD)

      • Models for Microscopic Traffic Simulation
      • Cyber-Physical Transportation System
      • Intelligent Traffic Signalization Models
    • Materials Science and Engineering (with UP DMMME)
    • Modeling Thermal Conductivity using Homogenization and/or Percolation Theory

We expect to be able to fund some junior-year apprentices, and conference/presentation expenses for senior-year thesis students. The laboratory also accepts qualified graduate student applicants capable of performing independent research.

Please contact the laboratory head, Dr. Adrian Roy Valdez, for more information.