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Traffic Modeling and Simulation

Welcome to the SCL Traffic Modeling and Simulation 
Research Interest Group Page!

This is one of the research interest groups in SCL which explores different traffic modeling frameworks and algorithms to understand Filipino driving behavior.

Research Projects

Currently, there are four active research projects by the group (AY 2015-2016), all of which are in collaboration with Dr. Hilario Sean Palmiano, Ph.D.
 of the National Center for Transportation Studies, College of Engineering, UPD:

1. Cyber-physical Transport Systems
Anjilo Carigma, John Justine Villar, M.Sc. and Adrian Roy Valdez, Ph.D.

2. Traffic Simulation based on Filipino Driving Behavior 
Elemar Teje and Adrian Roy Valdez, Ph.D.
This study aims to incorporate Filipino traffic behavior to understand traffic dynamics in the Philippines.

3. Modeling and Simulation of  Traffic Conditions in Intersections
Maria April Rose Andaca, Jerwin Lloyd Cruda and Adrian Roy Valdez, Ph.D.
A traffic computer simulator is created to minimize on-road testing and speed up gathering of information for various traffic proposals. Current traffic models for car following and lane changing were improved to take into account Filipino traffic behaviors. A new model, which uses time as basis of comparison, were also created to handle motions on traffic intersections. Statistical testing and comparison on actual traffic data should be completed to affirm the validity of the said models in the real world.

4. LocalSIM 
This DOST-funded project aim to create traffic simulator with the Filipino behavior factored in, as well as to model Filipino driver's behavior.

5. PhilMATIS 
This DOST-funded project aims to develop and pilot-test an advanced traveler information system (ATIS) that will measure and record traffic volume and incidence of flooding along major roads in Metro Manila. Using videos, we compute the speed of vehicles in real time. The system also does flood monitoring.


Adrian Roy Valdez, Ph.D.

Graduate Student
John Justine Villar, M.Sc.
Elemar Teje
Anjilo Carigma
Patrick Rollan

Undergraduate Students