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CS 334: Computational Systems Biology


This is the homepage of CS 334 this Second Semester AY 2018-2019.


Submit your answers at the above email on or before 13 Feb, 6pm.

[23 Jan]
Reading and Reference List for Biological Terms which may be used in class

[16 Jan]
Reading Assignment
Questions for Discussion (for next meeting, 23 January):
  1. Search the Internet for definitions of "Systems Biology" and document them. Find commonalities and formulate your own definition.
  2. Search the Internet for definitions of "Bioinformatics'' and select your favorite. Using that and your result from 1, discuss the relationship of "Bioinformatics" to "Systems Biology".


116 JanIntroduction and Class Administration-
223 JanBiological Systems and History of Systems BiologyL01
36 JanIntroduction to Computational ModelingL02
413 FebInfluenza A Modeling / Gene SystemsL03
 5 20 Feb(MBB Lab Tour) -
 6 27 FebProtein Systems 
76 MarCRNT and Applications to Systems Biology/
Filipino Contributions to CRNT (by 
8 13 Mar Metabolic Systems  
920 Mar  Intro to Static Models and Networks 
1027 Mar   
113 Apr  
1210 Apr   
1317 Apr   
1424 Apr   
158 May