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CS 32 - Data Structures


This is the homepage of the classes of CS 32 WFQR and WFUV this First Semester AY 2018-2019.


  • [10 Aug 6:00am] For both WFQR and WFUV sections, no lab class today. I will be using the lecture class on the 15th for the missed session. -J
  • [17 Aug] Please read the following slides (reference: excerpts from MIT OCW 6.087 class), for advanced reading. I will be using the 22 Aug lecture session for lab tutorials and exercises. We will be holding classes on TL2 on 22 Aug.


1Aug 8/10Introduction, Mathematical Preliminaries, Algorithms  
2Aug 15/17(Intro to C Programming)  
3Aug 22/24Intro to C, Stacks  
4Aug 29/31Queues  
 5 Sep 5/7Binary Trees   
 6 Sep 12/14 Binary Trees, Applications of Binary Trees I  
7Sep 19/21 Applications of Binary Trees II, Forests I  
8Sep 26/28Forests II   
 9 Oct 3/5Graphs I  
10 Oct 10/12  Graphs II, Applications of Graphs I  
11Oct 17/19  Applications of Graphs II  
12Oct 24/26 Lists, Application of Lists I  
13Nov 7/9 Application of Lists II, Generalized Lists I  
14Nov 14/16 Generalized Lists II, Tables  
15Nov 21/23Binary Search Trees  
16Nov 28/30 Hash Tables  


  • LE 1 Coverage: Mathematical Preliminaries to Queues (W1-W4)
  • LE 2 Coverage: Binary Trees to Forests II (W5-W8)
  • LE 3 Coverage: Graphs to Application to Graphs (W9-W11)
  • LE 4 Coverage: Lists to Hash Tables (W12-W16)
NB: Schedule of Exams to be determined, pending student schedule constraints